Sambalpuri Handloom Phodakumbha Half Silk Saree With Blouse Piece


Experience the allure of tradition with our Sambalpuri Handloom Phodakumbha Half Silk Saree. Adorned with a captivating Phodakumbha motif and a divine temple border, this saree blends vibrant red, yellow, and blue hues for a striking look. Crafted with half silk fabric, it offers comfort and luxury. Elevate your style with this authentic masterpiece from Utkaladitri.

Blouse Piece





Dry Clean


Blue, Red, Yellow






Auspicious, Casual, Festive, Formal


Phodakumbha & Berhampuri

Elevate your style with our exquisite Sambalpuri Handloom Phodakumbha Half Silk Saree, a masterpiece that captures the essence of tradition and elegance. With a harmonious blend of rich red, vibrant yellow, and soothing blue hues, this saree is a celebration of color and craftsmanship.


Intricate Design: The saree is adorned with an intricately woven pattern that depicts the iconic Phodakumbha motif, a symbol of prosperity and auspiciousness. Each thread tells a story of the skilled artisans who painstakingly bring this design to life.

Half Silk Splendor: Experience the luxurious touch of half silk fabric that drapes beautifully, offering comfort and grace. The saree strikes a perfect balance between the opulence of silk and the resilience of handloom craftsmanship.

Temple Border: The saree features a resplendent temple border, adding a touch of divine allure to your ensemble. This exquisite border design carries a timeless charm that enhances the overall aesthetic.

Versatile Styling: Whether you’re attending a festive occasion, cultural event, or a special gathering, the Sambalpuri Handloom Phodakumbha Half Silk Saree effortlessly adds a touch of regality to your appearance.

Blouse Piece: Each saree comes with a complementary blouse piece that complements the saree’s colors and design, offering you the opportunity to create a tailored ensemble that reflects your individual style.

Authentic Craftsmanship: Handcrafted with passion and dedication, this saree embodies the rich heritage of Sambalpuri handloom artistry. Every thread is a testament to the artisans’ meticulous skill and commitment to preserving traditional techniques.

Indulge in the captivating allure of the Sambalpuri Handloom Phodakumbha Half Silk Saree and experience the fusion of culture and elegance. Own a piece of art that transcends trends and showcases the beauty of Indian craftsmanship.

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Sambalpuri Handloom Half Silk SareeSambalpuri Handloom Phodakumbha Half Silk Saree With Blouse Piece